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A Driving Force For Innovation

James W Carratt, Managing Director of Clarriots Care

Around 10 years ago I had a desire to create a high quality care service after struggling to access good quality care for my own grandparents.

Clarriots Care was born with just five members of staff and a shared passion to deliver the very best care services to our local community in Lincolnshire. When it comes to business I’ve realised the importance of the relationship you have with the people around you. People are the key to building a successful business and I truly believe that if your relationship with people is weak, then so is your business.

When I reflect back on the company’s growth over the last decade, I realise that it is the people who have worked alongside me who have helped the company to be what it is today. I know Clarriots Care will continue to grow and I am keen to see this happen naturally to keep our quality of care at a high level. We began franchising a few years ago and we look forward to welcoming franchise owners into our family and helping them develop, which in turn helps us make a positive difference to more people nationwide.

The care industry is becoming more and more competitive with every passing year and the private market’s surge in growth has resulted in an increase in the number of care providers. This can only be a good thing, as increased competition pushes us to deliver an even greater standard of service to our clients.

As part of Clarriots Care’s commitment to continued innovation within the health and social care sector, we have introduced a range of key developments recently, intended to radically improve the quality and consistency of our client’s care experience. These developments include the appointment of a dedicated Quality Assurance Manager, and the implementation of regular office inspections across our network. Technology and innovation continues to play an important role within the industry, and our new ‘Ideas Board’ is an online portal that allows all Clarriots staff and clients to submit ideas and provide feedback on each other’s suggestions. We feel it’s really important to give our staff a voice so they can suggest improvements. You never know who will have the next great idea!

Here at Clarriots Care, we always strive to maintain a positive outlook for the future. I am hopeful that as a sector we will see more support from the government over future months and years, although the focus on Brexit has meant that health and social care has fallen down the political agenda. This is unfortunate because whilst Brexit is obviously important, the issues facing the sector remain critical.

Brexit could well be a factor affecting recruitment within the health and social care sector, going forward. The projected decrease in the numbers of EU nationals joining the UK care industry has the potential to affect several of our offices, particularly in urban areas. However, we are investing considerable resources in developing an industry leading employment package designed to make us the employer of choice in the health and social care sector.

My vision of Clarriots Care is to become a driving force for innovation within the care industry. We are looking to partner with a leading employer review website to encourage our staff to share their experiences of working at Clarriots Care. Not only do we want to become the employer of choice for aspiring care staff, but we want to constantly improve our range of services to help our clients maintain their independence, dignity and respect. As far as we concerned, our clients are part of our family, and we support them in the same way we’d support our own families. That was the reason I set up Clarriots Care in the first place, and it is this commitment to remain true to our vision and values that has helped us become who we are today.


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