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75 Years of putting children first

Jessica Harper, Marketing & Media Manager, The Children’s Family Trust

In 1945 a visionary named Paul Field dreamt that all children would have the opportunity to live in a home where they felt safe, supported and loved.

Whilst working within children’s homes, Paul had been troubled by the requirement to turn the children in his care out into the world alone at the age of just fourteen. They were found a job and lodgings, but were then expected to stand on their own two feet just when he saw that they needed so much guidance, support, and love.

Paul decided to leave his employment and take into his own family the same kinds of children he had looked after previously, however now they would have ‘a family for life’. His work began with writing several vitally important letters to official offices advising that he would be ready to welcome 12 boys into his home under a Trust deed which would give them equal terms with his own children. Once barely established, he set about finding other couples who shared his vision and who were prepared to take up his innovative approach and this was the beginning of non-profit organisation, The Children’s Family Trust.

Over the years, the organization has grown into a national independent fostering agency providing safe and caring homes for hundreds of children with our fostering families. As a children’s charity our priority is to ensure that each of our children have the best opportunities in life and as such we go to great lengths to ensure that our children have access to the help and support they need, be this through additional tutoring, therapy or other services that may help them develop and feel safe. Our ethos of ‘Changing Futures Together’ demonstrates the commitment we make to any child that has been, is currently or will be in the care of our organisation, with the door always remaining open for them to come back and ask for support at any stage in life.

Today, The Children’s Family Trust has offices across the country and will this year be marking it’s 75th year of supporting children and young people. Whilst this means that the organisation has provided many successful placements to children in its long life-span, it also indicates that the need for foster placements is as great as ever and The Children’s Family Trust are currently looking for people who are kind and resilient to care for children who may have faced great adversity.

Marina Mulholland, CEO of The Children’s Family Trust said: “Children continue to come into the care of the local authority every day. We continue to seek high quality foster carers to help us meet the needs of these vulnerable children.”

Being a Foster Carer is about opening your homes and hearts to make a change to a child’s life for the better.

CFT Foster Carers can look forward to:

  • Full and ongoing Training
  • A highly skilled Supervising Social Worker
  • 24/7 support
  • Regular meetings and social events
  • Access to specialist support and services when needed
  • Highly competitive rates of pay and a range of other benefits.

Elizabeth, Foster Carer, said “Deciding to foster was a big decision but it is most definitely the most rewarding thing I have ever done. If you are thinking about it go for it”.

Applicants must be aged over 21 and have a spare bedroom available. They will also need to be DBS checked, which the organisation will carry out. The Children’s Family Trust welcome applicants from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Call 0300 111 1945 or visit to learn more about the organisation, the 75th anniversary celebrations or becoming a foster carer.



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