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Sambrook House cares for the environment and it’s residents with solar PV

When Sambrook House Residential Care Home was looking to renew energy contracts, the team discovered that they could reduce costs and cut their carbon emissions by installing solar PV.

The 13.42 kW system, specified and installed by Geo Green Power, is delivering cost effective energy for the care home and saving 5.1 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Sambrook House Director Neil Robson said: “The environment is becoming a real issue and something we care passionately about, so reducing the amount of carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere was important.

“In January I began negotiating the next 3-year electricity tariff and the best I could achieve was a 28% increase. We were using well over £1000 per month, so I was looking at a steep cost increase unless I investigated an alternative.”

Geo Green Power were recommended to Sambrook House by a previous customer. Geo Green Power are experts in renewable energy, solar panel installation and ground source heat pumps.

The Shropshire care home needed to ensure that their renewable energy installation caused minimal disruption for their 28 residents, visitors and staff. Clear access routes had to be maintained for emergency services and deliveries and they needed a firm that could deal with the industrial environment and a three phase electrical power.

Neil added: “The solar installation is delivering significant savings. We use a lot of electricity throughout the day, and I knew that we would use everything that we generate from our panels so every kW is offsetting what we would have purchased from the grid.

“The installation process was very slick. I am delighted to say that Geo Green Power have a great team of people who are all very hardworking craftsmen. The best accolade I can give about the system itself is that I don’t notice it’s there!”

Having seen the impact the solar installation has had on their energy bills and carbon footprint, Sambrook House are keen to replace their heating system with a more eco-friendly solution, such as a ground source heat pump, to further reduce their carbon emissions.

Geo Green Power specialise in bespoke commercial projects and private home installations.  Built on a single core value: To employ people who provide the best customer experience possible, the renewable energy specialist offers a range of products including solar PV, ground and air source heat pumps, biomass boilers, battery storage and EV chargers. Geo Green Power works alongside customers, like Sambrook House, to create the most cost effective and efficient renewable solutions for their heating and energy needs.

Investing in renewable energy solutions offers excellent financial returns, and by reducing harmful emissions it is also an effective way to support the fight against catastrophic climate change. Geo Green Power conservatively estimate that the systems they have installed since their launch in 2009 currently save 12,200 tonnes of CO2 every year, and the Sambrook House installation will continue to contribute to this total for many years to come.

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