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‘See Me and Care’ – dignity matters

Kirklees Safeguarding Adults Board (KSAB) recognises how important dignity is for people who may be vulnerable.

They first began their ‘See ME and Care’ campaign in 2013, with phase 2 in 2014, focussing on dignity issues for older people and other groups of people who may be vulnerable, for example people with learning or physical disabilities, who rely on care and support from health and social care workers.  ‘See ME and Care’ is aimed at all health and social care workers including those working for private, voluntary and community organisations.

The ‘See ME and Care’ campaign was developed as a result of partnership working with the Kirklees Safeguarding see me and care scre#79A984Adults Board (KSAB), which is made up of Kirklees Council, the Police, Health Services, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. It achieved high levels of staff and partner engagement and awareness.

KSAB recognises that in care settings professionals sometimes need to be reminded about fundamental issues of dignity in care. Tackling poor practice at early stages is one way to prevent problems with quality of care and ultimately guard against safeguarding issues such as those highlighted in the media – Winterbourne View and Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

The Board developed the ‘See ME and Care’ campaign in light of this, and in support of other campaigns such as “Dignity in Care” and national awareness programmes, for example “World Elder Abuse Awareness Day” and “Dementia Week.”

‘See ME and Care’ focuses on sharing good practice and the importance of celebrating success and what works well in their areas of care. It became integrated into an overall approach that includes training, sharing good practice and celebrating success in areas of care.  It’s about challenging poor practice and asking staff to treat people how they would want their family and friends to be treated. It’s also the little things that staff and carers do which has a big impact on those receiving care in the community, residential care or in hospital etc.  It is part of the continuing work health and social care organisations are doing to promote dignity in care and to prevent the abuse of vulnerable adults.

‘See ME and Care’ uses a series of images and video involving local people who access health and social care services, for example day care, hospitals and care homes.  The images used ask people to consider their behaviours and emphasised the difference the smallest things in someone’s lives can make on their care and wellbeing, they highlighted poor practice and good standards of care, encouraging staff to notice and question things that make up poor practice.

The whole point is to see something from other’s points of views and to ask the question “is this how you would want those you care about to be treated?” If it’s not, then what are you going to do about it?

Following a positive evaluation of the most recent campaign, KSAB members agreed that the message be broadcast wider to include members of the public and on the back of the national Dignity Action Day on 1 February 2017, decided to refresh the campaign and make it relevant to members of the public.  KSAB worked in partnership with a local community based amateur dramatics group and commissioned two short films to complement existing material. These will be available to view on the website very soon.


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