Nutrition & Hydration Week


“In general adding extra calories to foods and dishes can be achieved by adding extra items such as cream or butter, but also Millac Gold Double. The beauty of Millac Gold Double is its versatility and also the fact that it can be used from ambient, helping care chefs to save on wastage and ingredient costs.


“The recipes we developed provide a range of tasty and appealing dishes which can be easily enjoyed and which provide those all-important extra calories. After all there is no point in providing extra calories in a dish if it is not eaten.”


Claim Your Free Millac Gold Double and Care Home Recipe Book!


To support chefs this Nutrition & Hydration Week, Pritchitts is giving away care recipe books and free samples of its Craft Guild of Chefs approved Millac Gold Double; used for cooking, pouring and whipping – it whips up to 3x its volume providing superior yield – and is ideal for both sweet and savoury dishes.


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Nutrition and Hydration Week is run by the Hospital Caterers Association, NHS England and the National Association of Care Catering, which work in partnership towards a service where avoidable malnutrition and dehydration related illnesses are eradicated through improvements, education and service development.

*Malnutrition Force


Nearly a third of people admitted to hospital and care homes are at risk of malnutrition, and those figures rise to 41% in care homes alone.*


With an estimated 1.3million people over sixty-five years old suffering from malnutrition, Pritchitts – the foodservice division of Lakeland Dairies – is urging care caterers to take a fresh look at their menus during this year’s Nutrition & Hydration Week (16th – 22nd March).


Simon Muschamp, Head of Marketing, Pritchitts comments: Good nutrition, especially as we get older is vital. However ensuring people in care get those much needed calories can be highly challenging as the statistics show – a lack of appetite, inability to swallow or simply failing to eat the calories sufficient for their needs can all contribute to malnutrition.


“Nutrition & Hydration Week provides the perfect platform to not only raise awareness of a critical issue, but also for suppliers and care home operators to share their knowledge and resources. Pritchitts understands this, and has been promoting the importance of nutrition through its fortification campaign and the role products such as Pritchitts’ Millac Gold Double can play in helping caterers add extra calories.”


Dr Mabel Blades – a registered dietitian and nutritionist with a PhD in diet and diabetes –

worked with Pritchitts to develop high calorie recipes for the care sector using Millac Gold Double – the high performance choice which offers care chefs an easy and hassle-free option to boost the BMI’s of ‘at risk’ residents.


“A number of older people need extra calories due to having difficulties with eating sufficient food for their needs. Indeed, some older people are assessed as having malnutrition with weight loss, muscle weakness and feelings of apathy plus other health issues. Others may suffer from various forms of dementia which can impact on both swallowing and appetite for foods. Registered dietitians can give guidance about requirements for individuals.”


“Foods need to be very appealing to eat plus, also calorie dense so that additional calories are supplied. The addition of extra calories to foods is termed fortification or some call it supplementation.

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